iPhone Roulette App

Now you can play roulette on your iPhone. Thanks to the web app from Jackpot City Mobile you can play for free or play with real money!

If you start playing with real money Jackpot City Mobile offers a 150% welcome bonus to new players. You’ll get a 150% bonus on your first deposit, with a maximum of £150.

150 pound welcome bonus at Jackpot City Mobile

Jackpot City Mobile: Trusted and Secure

Jackpot City Mobile is an established and trusted name in the world of the iPhone Casino. It uses the award winning Microgaming software that is both innovative and secure. The Microgaming software uses state of the art technology to provide quality graphics and ease in navigation. Downloading Jackpot City Mobile is free and simple. After only a short registration process, taking no more than a few minutes; you are transported to the luxurious and enthralling world of the iPhone Casino. Random Number Generators are used to ensure fairness and Jackpot City Mobile offer complete 100% transparency with a Playcheck service in place to guarantee the transparency and make it visible to all.

The excellent 24/7 hour online support and superfast payouts within a secure and safe transaction process gives the user at Jackpot City Mobile the full confidence to place their bets and enjoy all the games at the iPhone Casino has to offer. Jackpot City Mobile is therefore the best real money roulette app available on the market.

£150 Match bonus

A great reason to play iPhone Roulette at Jackpot City Mobile and no other is the incredible £150 match bonus offered by Jackpot City Mobile. Sign up and make a deposit and Jackpot City will match that deposit up to an amazing £150 for you to play and enjoy in the Jackpot City Mobile iPhone Casino This fantastic match bonus is applied instantly and by offering such a large amount, it really helps Jackpot City Mobile stand out from all of its competitors. The £150 match bonus given means any player at the iPhone Roulette or indeed the iPhone Casino will have the best chance to get their gaming underway with the best start possible.

iPhone Roulette

Despite being one of the oldest games to play in a Casino, Roulette remains one of the simplest and most exciting of all the casino games since its inception, believed to be in 17th century Paris. The popularity of Roulette blossomed in Europe and then world wide, particularly in the United States. Tables there consist of 38 numbers, including a 0 and a double 00 which is different to that of the European version which consists of only one 0 in a total of 37 numbers . To win in Roulette you have to correctly place a bet on the number, colour or range of numbers in which the ball spun round a numbered wheel stops on. The risk and probability of winning is reflected in the odds offered with black and red, for example, returning 1:1, and a single number giving a return of 35:1. It is the simplicity of roulette and the fact that really, it comes down to being a game of chance that makes it one of the most popular of all the games in the mobile casinos of today.

The advent of the internet and the online casino saw the popularity of online roulette simply explode. The ability to play anytime, anywhere in the world has been even furthered with the dawn of the iPhone era. To play your iPhone Roulette in your iPhone Casino is only a touch of a button away. It really doesn’t matter if you are an experienced player, a beginner or someone just looking for some free fun, iPhone Roulette at Jackpot City Mobile is for you. The mobility and ease of access in playing iPhone Roulette on an iPhone, or even an iPad or Android phone takes the ever popular game to a new level in its appeal.

Maximising Profit

At Jackpot City Mobile, iPhone Roulette is played along the same rules as European Roulette with only one ‘0’ instead of the American double ’00’. This is better for the player as it reduces the house edge to only 2.70% as opposed to a house edge of 5.26% on American Roulette. It is essential to play iPhone Roulette in an iPhone Casino like that of Jackpot City Mobile, with European rules, to ensure that you have a greater probability of winning than if you were playing on American Roulette. Like with any casino and iPhone casino game, it is all about maximizing your chances to win and to make a profit, even in a game of chance such as iPhone Roulette.

Play for free or for real money

If you have never played Roulette before or just want to play for fun, you can do so at Jackpot City Mobile, where there is the option of playing for real money or just for fun without money. This can be a great introduction to the game if you have never played roulette before and learning how to play iPhone Roulette for free will give you the confidence to play for real money in no time at all.

If you have played before and wish to try out one of the multitude of Roulette ‘systems’ readily available on the internet free of charge, some of which have been around for centuries, you can try them out for free at Jackpot City Mobile. Methods such as the Martingale system of doubling up on even money bets are great to test on the free plays as it doesn’t cost any money and it highly recommended doing any experimenting using the free play option first.

A number of roulette games have been released for the iPhone. But these iPhone roulette games could not give the roulette lover what really they want. These mobile roulette games the lack of flexibility. Most iPad roulette and iPhone roulette games are not the real casino game rather a template which only limited to only on the screen. The absences of the environment of a casino and other realistic features which are very important to a gambler have made these games unsuccessful. It cannot be a real roulette if it cannot be played with real money. For the roulette lover playing for free can be just for practice but if you want them to enjoy their game, roulette has to be for real and this provides the excitement for a real roulette lover.

Play today

The exciting and varied range of games available in the iPhone Casino like those of Jackpot City Mobile means there really is something there for everyone, but for most, it is the excitement of the iPhone Roulette, with all the atmosphere of a real casino that is the game to play. Playing iPhone Roulette at Jackpot City Mobile will give you all the same exhilaration as you would find in a West End Casino or in the original City Of Sin Las Vegas. Take advantage of the excellent £150 match bonus offered by Jackpot City Mobile and begin playing the exciting game on iPhone Roulette today.

150 pound match bonus at Jackpot City Mobile